Aphrodite’s is a venture that emerged from a life-long passion for cookery and Mediterranean flavours. We cook real food, sustainable, all natural, mostly vegetables & fruit, some meat and always completely delicious.

Aphrodite Fingal-Rock Innes aka Dixie, founder of Aphrodite’s, was born in Abergavenny, South Wales, into a family of food lovers. She grew up in the beautiful town of Monmouth where her family owned a deli and lived in the flat above it. As you can imagine food was always a topic of conversation as they literally lived ‘in’ the shop. At the tender age of 4 years old, she was getting stuck into cooking by experimenting with the local and exotic surplus from the shop.

‘As a kid experimenting in the kitchen was my favourite thing to do and still is. I was so little when I started cooking I couldn’t even read cookbooks. I remember thinking how exciting it would be to learn to read so I could read all the recipes in my mums cookbooks instead of just looking at all the pictures.’

Dixie, a Professional Cookery graduate of Westminster Kingsway College, has been a finalist on Channel 4’s The Taste where she was lucky enough to have been mentored by the brilliant Anthony Bourdain.

In 2015 Aphrodite’s was created and our product was launched, a stunningly tart and fragrantly spiced Pomegranate Ketchup, which you can find at Selfridges, in small independent delis around the UK and here on her website. It hasn’t just been about jarred products but catering too, the really fun bit! During the past few years the company has been serving up street food all around London, at weddings and events (think soft stuffed pitas filled with halloumi, homemade pickels, sauces and seasonal salads) as well as putting on some rather special supper clubs.

She has also recently been lucky enough to work at Padella, the famous pasta restaurant at Borough Market in the bakery kitchen. Here she learned to make ravioli to perfection, crusty sourdough loaves, ice creams and mouthwatering desserts.

Dixie’s food style is quirky, inventive, colourful and completely packed with flavour. ”

Real food, inspired by the Med, natural and delicious. Mostly vegetables.

Photography by Chiron Cole

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