Taste Testing in Eat 17 Spar, Walthamstow

Hello lovely readers!

Have you ever been to the Spar in Walthamstow village? Well its not your average Spar I can assure you, its actually more like a very mini Waitrose or a funky little deli shop selling all kinds of exciting local artisan products. Whats more is that they have a kitchen in the back where they sell freshly made stone baked take-away pizza! Yes thats right freshly baked pizza, in a Spar.

Last weekend Alex, the manager, kindly let us take up a tiny space in their shop to embarked on some taste testing for our fabulous Pomegranate Molasses Ketçhup. The idea was to test if our product is as fabulous as we think it is. Risky, I know, but something we had to do to ensure our sauce was the best it could be.

So, we arrived at 11:50am and set up a little table next to the pizza stand (fyi the smell of the pizza was amazing). On our table we put out a bowl of our Pomegranate Molasses Ketçhup, a bowl of another brand of premium Tomato Ketchup and a bowl of bread sticks for dipping. Our sauce was labelled A and the tomato ketchup labelled B, so nobody knew what or who’s sauce they were tasting *inserts evil laugh* to ensure a fair test. We spent a couple of hours in there asking happy customers to give their honest opinion and taste which of the two sauces they preferred. Throughout the time we spent there product A (thats us) seemed to be constantly in the lead with a few swaying towards B or saying they enjoyed both equally.
Once we finished we counted up the results. Out of the 104 people we asked a massive 71 people said they preferred A, 24 preferred B and 9 couldn’t decide and loved them both. RESULT! Yes, we came out way on top (phew) with the overall verdict that our Pomegranate Molasses Ketçhup was more flavourful, richer and more interesting, I also seem to recall the word ‘Amazing’ being used. We promptly packed up and went for a glass of prosecco to celebrate.

So it turns out our Pomegranate Molasses Ketçhup is just as fabulous as we thought. I bet you can’t wait to try it.

Taste Testing in Eat 17 Spar, Walthamstow 2

Taste Testing in Eat 17 Spar, Walthamstow

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