Pomegranate Ketçhup Stockists

Pomegranate Ketçhup Stockists

Find our delicious Pomegranate Ketçhup available to buy this month from …..

Aphrodite’s Online Shop Coming Soon!

Craved – Online Store

Fingal-Rock – Monmouth, South Wales

Lassco – Bermondsey

Selfridges – Manchester, Birmingham & London

The Deli Down Stairs – Hackney

The Grapevine – Kington, Hereford


  1. Hi, we saw you at the Specialty Food show and would like to stock the ketchup in Little Village, Old York Rd, Wandsworth. please advise wholesale terms – we’d love it if you were able to provide samples for tastings, of course. Thanks, Glynn

  2. how to buy in the usa?

    • Hello, unfortunately you cannot buy in the USA just yet. Worldwide shipping is coming soon. I will let you know when it does.

      Many thanks

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