Guardian Cook, Love at First Taste

Guardian Cook, Love at First Taste

The Grazer

Waiting on Cook’s desks earlier this week was a bottle of pomegranate ketchup, from Aphrodite. Intense, fruity, sweet and sharp, it’s a condiment you’ll love with so many things: smashed avo, poached eggs, slow-roasts, anything with tahini and yoghurt, squash, leafy greens – or a bowl of all of the above. It’s also one we’ve sat here at our computers eating by the spoonful. It’s made by a boy called William Powell and a girl called Aphrodite Fingal-Rock Innes, AKA Dixie – a name combo to pique all interests. If you’re a Londoner, you can sample the goods at Maltby Street Market and other places – check out for news on their itinerant street food stall, future stockists, and recipes.

Guardian Cook, Love at First Taste 1

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